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The purpose of Fulton Middle School's school-wide positive behavior plan is to provide a safe, positive and academically challenging environment, as well as to model and teach clear expectations in order to develop and cultivate self-based strategies that will enable all students the opportunity to rise to their behavioral and academic potential. The commitment and collaboration between student, parents, staff, and community members will instill the values of being responsible, safe, respectful, and academically engaged at Fulton Middle School.

  1. To increase consistency among staff in managing student behavior.
  2. To reduce disruptive behavior across all school settings
  3. To increase the percentage of attendance in January, February, and March.
  4. To have an average daily attendance of 95% or above.
  5. To identify discipline "hot spots" and lower the number of incidents in those areas.

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These are our expectations for the different educational settings at our school.

Consequences for violating school expectations are given based on school board discipline policy.